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Hand-crafted solutions, executable advice, sound financial counsel.

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Complimentary buying services in New York City

Purchasing property is a cumbersome task in any market and even more so in New York City. Work with a professional that will offer undivided loyalty, full disclosure and confidentiality. 
I present you with hand-crafted solutions, executable advice and sound financial counsel. My ample resources enable an in-depth independent market research and analysis.*I am compensated, as any other Agent, by the proceeds of the sale. Fees are generally embedded to the purchase price of the property, therefore, no additional cost to have representation. Be wary of dealing with the seller's agent and "dual agency".

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Buyer's Agent

I am an Accredited Buyer's Rep (ABR) since 2011.


Providing sound financial counsel and executable advice.

Property Management

Offering private portfolio management. 

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